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Word On Street 2009, Sept. 27, 2009

Met many authors, journalist and editors; listened to some presentations, I intend to bring some authors to conduct seminars to Friends of Heart and Insiprational Bok Club.

Mark Devon, author, The Origin of Emotions.
"I began thinking about emotions while studying evolutionary theory at Harvard University. Learning that adaptations do not evolve unless they help survival, I reasoned that each emotion must have a purpose that helped survival. If I could identify an emotion's trigger, I could also identify its purpose".
Listen to Mark Devon's rant on LOVE


Lesley Ann, author, The Biography Workbook:
“It's not just for the rich and famous. Everyone has a story to tell. People kept asking me for help on how to do it. That's why I wrote the Biography Workbook…to help people tell their stories.


Owen Williams, author, The Relationship Revolution
The book offers a positive approach to many of our most challenging and complex life problems. In it, this experienced life and relationship coach shows you how to change your way of thinking and take charge of your relationships and your life.




Donna Hedley, author, Strategies for Happiness
Happiness is not a feeling. It is a choice, a mindset and a way of thinking. By changing your way of thinking, you can change your actions and how you feel. Greater happiness can be yours! This is not some fluffy, pie in the sky promise. The power and choice starts with you! It is a simple and plain fact.

Michael Bungay Stanier, author, Find Your Great Work
provides the reader with remarkable insight, wisdom and practical advice about creating great work experience. Michael Bungay Stanier has effectively linked model building, map building and practical application in helping the reader discover meaningful work.”


A two-minute movie of the event



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