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Word On Street 2010

I have been a big fan of the Word on Street Festival, since it was a street festival at the Queens Street. Every year I am there with different expectations and dare I say I get more than what I bargained for.

This year, I was wearing three different hats with a single objective to meet authors and speakers who can speak at our events.

- For the Society of Internet Professionals:

At digital Drive Stage, I found two panel discussions one on e-Books. another one on Social Media. Guess who was moderating the panel? It was Anita Windsiman, who was one of the panellists at SIP's Digital Publishing last year, She told me that it was SIP event which got the opportunity to moderate the panel. What a coincidence.

- For the Life Transformation Institute:

I met David Aubrey Berger, author of The Power of Circle and founder of the Living Education Institute (LEI). Like LTI they also preach self development and promotes self discovery, environmental awareness, and social responsibility.

- For the Healing Food Institute

I Met Claudette McGowan an author and a wellness coach.

Take a peek at the photos of these and so many authors and speakers I met .


A Two-minutes movie of "Word On Street 2010" photos

A two-minute movie of Word On Street 2009

Love to get your comments, particulaly if you are in my photo or video albums.

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