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Max Haroon, social entrepreneur, author, and a publisher.

Max Haroon is a retired IT specialist, who has a keen interest in holistic health and functional medicine. He is the founder of the Society of Internet Professionals, the Life Transformation Institute and Authors Collaboration Marketing Group

Max has authored seven books in the Life Learning Series, in conjunction with subject matter experts. The books are based on his life lessons learned in a heuristic way. He has architected many websites and digital publications. Review his publications

Since 1997, Max has hosted many social and educational events including workshops and conferences in the areas of technology, body and mind.

He has been involved in the Information Technology (IT) industry in various sectors, including the Internet and IT Training for over 35 years. He has accomplished many consulting assignments, forging alliances , as well as founding various entrepreneurial ventures. He evangelizes leveraging the Internet and is a notable speaker at conferences and symposiums. His work has spanned many countries and resides in Toronto ( Canada ).

Mr. Haroon has delivered talks and written books on various aspects of the Internet and holistic health.

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Max Haroon can be contacted by email or phone: 416-891-4937
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