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Joyous New Year

I wish you a joyous 2018.
My Rx for that will be to remind myself, hopefully yours too:

" Gesture a random act of kindness and feel the joy".

I also want to gift you with this short video
a story from a book by Charles Eisenstein,
a Zen philosopher and thinker,
it is narrated by James Maskell, an advocate of
Functional Medicine.

I only have two plans for this year:

1. Write a book,
Seven Steps to Reboot Your Well Being:
Why Do You Get Sick and How Can You Heal

2. Launch TEDx talk.
It will be preceded by SIPTalks, starting on January 25, 2018,
Topic: BlockChain

I would love to hear from you.
Can I assist/collaborate with you in your

I can be contacted by email or phone: 416-891-4937



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