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Seven Ways to Make Your Food Alive
Enhance the Availability of Dormant Enzymes of Plant Based Food.

We are not sure about all the food we eat is healthy!
Nutrition is the best way to keep your immune system healthy but food and even dietery supplements do not have the necessary requiements.

Enzymes, vitamins and proteins in some plant foods are dormant or locked; this is nature's way of protecting them from unintended use or waste. As such, the nutrients in these foods are not readily absorbed by the body. However, you can enhance the availability of enzymes, proteins and vitamins in many legumes, grains and seeds by sprouting

I have always preferred to get my nutrition from food rather than from nutritional supplements. Every part of a plant provides different types of nutrition but many parts of a plant are indigestible without some form of processing. Eating a sprout is like eating a baby plant providing all nutrients of a plant.

This upcoming will explore the following ways to make food alive for maximim nutrition and absorbtion.

1: Sprouting Seeds. Read and download Benefits of Sprouting and How to Sprout.
2: Growing Microgreens
3: Soaking Nuts
4: Eating Raw
5: Fermenting Vegetables
6: Eating unpasteurised Foods
7: Eating and Drinking Alkaline Foods

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