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Showcasing Our Major Book Project
Seven Steps to Dental Health:
A Holistic Guide to a Healthy Mouth and Body

This book is the result of a four year intensive collaboration with seven doctors and other subject matter experts, focusing on prevention and maintenance of your oral health. In this 260+ pages book, you will find:

  • A primer in understanding oral health.
  • How to Assess Your Oral Health and conduct self-examination of your mouth.
  • An insightful discussion of dental infections and their connection to the body.
  • A Seven-step process to clean your teeth and mouth to achieve optimal oral health.
  • Extensive information about harmful chemicals commonly used in toothpastes and mouthwashes.
  • The truth about mercury amalgam fillings
  • Various tooth conditions and their treatments.
  • Help in understanding the practices of holistic Hygienists & Dentists.
  • Nutrition for your oral health.
  • Forty frequently asked questions and answers about dental care.

Preview of the Book (Given below)
We are please to share third of the book: front matter, a primer on Dental Health and an extensive appendices of resources.

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