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First day of 2012: Any New Year's Resolution

If you have not made any resolution for 2012, then make it a "Year of Learning" with Open Mind without any preconceived belief and notions.

According to a cliché the brain would die if no learning takes place and if brain dies, the body will vegetate.

The learning applies to all aspects of life, business, career and relationships.

Seven golden rules to remember, when it comes to teaching and learning:

1. Integrity of teacher and learner is a must attribute, the intention of the teacher and the student is equally important and one should appreciate noble intentions, when there is no axe to grind.
2. Encourage teacher and learner for the roles they play and their commitment.
3. Ask questions both as a teacher and a learner, provided the intent is to understand.
4. If the subject has triggered a spark in you then read more and learn more.
5. Explore further by learning what the missing piece is, sometime you will need a coach or a mentor.
6. It is a different story when it comes to apply the learning. Learning may not change your behaviour. The comfort of the status quo does not let you change your behaviour.
7. Become a teacher

I wish you a happy and holistic 2012.

To you and your inspiration
Max Haroon | Founder | Life Transformation Institute
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Author, 7 Steps to Dental Health:
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