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Why Should YOU Write Your Life Story

Max Haroon, Founder, The Inspirational Book Club

Have you thought about writing your ownlife story?

This short article will give you some reasons, why should you write your own biography or memoirs or simply some of your own life stoies. Writing memoir is a way to figure out who YOU used to be and how YOU got to be who you are today.

Writing about yourself falls into various formats:

  • Memoirs
  • Journaling
  • Autobiography
  • Diary
  • Portfolio/webfolio /Blog

A biography is solely about an individual's life, while a memoir is about something the author experienced, such as a historical event, a personal achievement, a transformation, etc. If someone writes about the life of another person it is called biography but if someone writes about their own life it is called autobiography.

A diary is about keeping a record of activities and/or events. Recording one's personal experiences, events and emotions is called journaling.

Different formats of writing serves different purposes: In journalling you are able to de-stress or heal yourself while you are writing about your emotions. It is a journey of self-discovery, personal and spiritual growth for yourself and hopefully for others. (The reflections in “ A Year in Serendipity ” by Di Wright is a good example of Jounalling, Review it at:

Memoirs and autobiographies on the other hand are mostly written for Posterity and it too can be a spiritual exercise like journalling.

The purpose of this article is to inspire you to write about yourself in whatever format you chose. If you are tech savvy you might go for a webfolio, as I did for myself, check it out at: . If your priority is to pay attention to your emotions or understand your stress you may consider starting with Journalling. Keeping a diary is a good practice to keep records. The “Diary of Anne Frank” is something that is a model to follow here.

We will not talk about techniques of writing here.

These can be learned from other resources such as reading a book, such as “ The Biography Workbook” by Professional Ghostwriter, Lesley Ann Marcovich or

Attending a workshop Write Your Memoirs on November 4, 2009 Details are at:

You may think writing memoirs is for the rich and famous. That's not true. Every person, no matter who they are or what they have achieved, has an interesting story to tell. As you start collecting and writing your own stories , you will elevate yourself to a higher ground of wisdom and perspective and begin to see how fascinating and significant your life really is. You write because you matter!

Another common thought is: “My life is so private. I'm embarrassed to expose it to the public”. As you write you will gain the insight to know what to share and what you wish to remain ‘off the record”. Keep trusting yourself as you write.

Some might also say, “I do not have much to write about.” Once you start exploring the interesting times you lived though and you begin your journey of self-discovery through those times you will bring to light so much about yourself and others who played a role in your life, that your biggest challenge will be what not to include in your memoirs.

Another compelling reason to write your autobiography is to relive your memories.
Begin by gathering and examining your:

  • old diaries
  • address books
  • awards
  • certificates
  • photos
  • videos
  • paper clippings
  • books
  • Research historical events
  • listen to golden oldies
  • sniff scents from the past
  • draw pictures of your house and neighbourhood
  • Interviews of people who may help you to rekindle those precious memories

    If you have witnessed or participated in an historical event, you have no doubt seen lives transformed or you have possibly witnessed justice or injustice. Wouldn't you like your children, significant other, friends or family to know about this?

    By writing your story, you will create a priceless heirloom.

To you and your inspiration
Max Haroon | Founder | Inspirational Book Club
Tel: 416-891-4937 |

Why You Should Write Your Life StoryYou can download this article (no fee or email required)

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