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Review of The Biography Workbook

The Biography Workbook, author Professional Ghostwriter, Lesley Ann Marcovich, cost $40

A step-by-step, fill-in-the-gaps, guide to writing your life story, or someone else's life story. Lesley Ann acts as your own personal ghostwriter as she guides your through your entire life story, word by word, one sentence at a time.

  • Over 1000 prompts to systematically work through your life events
  • Over 3000 cues to trigger memories and expand thoughts
  • Jam-packed with coaching to help you to tell your story with imagination, clarity and style

Write about your Ancestry, Childhood, Schooling, Conflict, Teenage Years, Relatives, Cars, Loves, Losses, Careers, Travel, Present Lif e, Future Dreams - and much more!

Visit: to purchase a signed copy of the book

Lesley Ann has ghostwritten many autobiographies: farm life in Nova Scotia , surviving the trenches in WWII, growing up in Scotland in the thirties, living with medical challenges, experiencing the harsh realities of racism, African tales, Middle Eastern Immigrants to the West, following a personal career goal, life of a celebrity, and so on… She now shares her investigative techniques with you in “The Biography Workbook”, to help you become the proud author of your own life story.

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