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Timing is everything

Sunday July 18, 2010

Timing is everything!

This Sunday morning, leisurely I checked my emails, one of them was from Bob Skakie, a volunteer friend of the Society of Internet Professionals (SIP).

Normally I just scan them (I get about 100 emails a day; I have many different email accounts and have more than Outlook to manage my email systems). Bob's email regarding GMO potatoes made me read it and even checked out the author of this report, Dr. Al Sears, MD.

The article is now posted at:

On his website, not only I signed up for his newsletter (now I will be getting more emails!) but also reviewed his recommended books.

I liked the book list so much that I updated the resource website of Healing Food Institute ( with his article and his recommended books.

On this updated resource page, you will find, listing of selected:

o Articles (some submitted by our members and Advisory Board of *HFI)
o Books
o Magazines
o Food & Health Related Websites
o Guides Produced by Environmental Working Group (USA)
In other words it is treasure of wisdom and knowledge, to make you aware of health and food to transform your life.

Love to hear from you, if you like any of the resource.

To you and your inspiration

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*Healing Food Institute is an educational not-for-profit community group established to discover the healing power of food. Our panel is comprised of a nutritionist, holistic food chef, doctors, homeopaths and naturopaths, several of whom are published authors and notable speakers. They share their enlightened perspectives as well as their knowledge and research, as panellists and advisors. The real benefit to the membership of the Healing Food Institute is the depth of quality these esteemed individuals bring to our monthly seminars, panel discussions and workshops.

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