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Dear Friends of Heart and members of The Healing Food Institute,

2009: From the moment that I began my correspondance with Max Haroon, I felt that he genuinely cared for the welfare and betterment of his fellow man. At our meeting, my initial feelings were confirmed. Max is a generous man who has contemplated health matters and community well-being for decades. His Healing Food Institute is a wonderful example of how community and health-minded people can congregate and enjoy each other's energy.

I look forward to meeting all of you, learning from your experiences and discussing the straightforward as well as the esoteric ways that food can heal our minds, bodies and spirits.

Dr. Eric Michael Grief, M.D.

Lori Nichols Davies
2011: I have known my dear friend, Max Haroon, for only three short years. Upon first meeting him it was like always knowing him as if he were my neighbour. As a brilliant social entrepreneur, he has touched thousands of lives in Ottawa and Toronto for years, long before we met. He is very diligent at latching onto the best of ideas to magnify them with his many computer skills. He desires to honour and uplift many leaders in all fields by organizing a network opportunity, such as Friends of Heart, and the Life Transformation Institute in Richmond Hill, and Christmas parties for the lonely self employed, and then for me, the Healing Food Institute just for the sake of introducing home chefs and related wellness professionals to the philosophy of fine food at the Holistic Cooking Academy.

He demonstrates consistency and steady application in all he does, as his personal thirst for education of the finest points of life uplifts so many around him. Max transformed my life and the lives of many others. He mixes so many lives together will sincere savvy to truly help others stay well. His earnestness to have fun learning has delivered to many the great gift of like-minded friends so that all may flourish to their ultimate potentials as human beings, whatever their goals or worthy purposes. Thank you Max, for being a true friend to me, and to all humanity. May your inner light radiantly penetrate to the hearts of many more lives in this most needed book for basic skills in management of the teeth, which affects all functions of the body.

Lori Nichols Davies
CEO, Holistic Cooking Academy of Canada, Carleton Place, Ontario


2010: I met Max a few months ago. Since meeting with him he has offered me many wonderful opportunities to promote myself, and I have met some nice people as a result.

Linda Beadle


Max, I admire your missionary zeal in making this world a better place. You inspire many people like me
& i would really appreciate if you could become my mentor in this life's journey.

May I request you to become my mentor, I'm prepared to make any sacrifice for that.
I sincerely hope you agree, because so many good things are happening in my life, that I need to make sense of it all & also
give back to this Universe in a BIG Way!


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