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Food According to Various Traditions and Nutrition Science

We are all familiar with three common food groups: protein, fats and carbs, but the food is also grouped by many other categories according to various traditions and food science. Some such traditions are Macrobiotic and Ayurvedic and some of the nutrition science groupings are Glycemic, fibre, Glucose levels and Alkaline and Acidic Foods. . So next time when you look at the food you will think about many of its characteristics.

Toxicity In Your Toothpastes


This talk is based on Max Haroon's three-years of research into the causes of poor dental health. According to the finding, the toothpaste was one of the causes of bad oral health because of its toxicity. This talk will explore many categories of both active and inactive Ingredients and will describe the health hazards of many toxic ingredients used in the toothpaste. How simple house hold items are a better alternative compared to the commercially available toothpastes.

Fireside interview of Max Haroon by Jim Pagiamtzis

This was my book "7 Steps to Dental Health" launch at Women Expo on Jan 30, 2014. Photos of the expo are at

Why Should You Wrtite Your Life Story

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